The following is a list of companies where you can easily find display racking and fixtures that we feel help better display PAPAYA! products.  We have chosen to refer you to these companies because we have experience working with them in our own PAPAYA! flagship store.  They are reliable and great resources for display solutions.  We have included a wide variety of options to better serve the diversity of accounts we service.  For more details, please visit our DISPLAY GALLERY for inspiration.

*Please know this is for referral purposes only.  PAPAYA! is not affiliated or responsible for orders placed with these companies.  Please check directly with the vendor for a current listing of available inventory, displays, and showroom locations, as well as new account requirements.



Spinner card racks, wooden card displays, acrylic table top displays, art print display stands, and much more.

A consistent, focused collection of helpful display resources.



Affordable fixtures such as carts, racks, bins, and more.  Always cleverly designed.  Their collection is very large and always changing.



Creative resource for display solutions.  Modern & minimalist, high quality goods.



Vintage inspired solutions such as display cases, carts, racks, spinners and more.



Well made, rustic inspired fixtures such as shelving, display cases, racking, bins etc.