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        Mother daughter co founders Gina and Anahata Katkin originally started PAPAYA in Los Angeles with just 20 greeting cards. Using Anahata’s collection of personal sketchbooks, art journals, paintings and design alongside Gina’s savvy business acumen and vision, the pair began to share what has become PAPAYA’s signature aesthetic. PAPAYA has remained true to its roots through the years pulling art and inspiration from within, and creating a celebrated library of off-beat muses, icons and botanical illustrations. PAPAYA’s product collections feature Anahata’s current works and are supported by a small team of female designers. PAPAYA is proudly owned and driven by independent female creatives.

        “I love the place where pretty and gritty meet," says Anahata. "Where flowers, faces and ink run together. I’m endlessly inspired repeating themes of plants, travel, Victorian era, folk arts, Asian influences, and female faces. I believe in working from impulse to impulse and answering to an intuitive process. I make artwork for myself and then weave pieces into our PAPAYA collections alongside our talented in house design team.”

        Gina and Anahata have always infused PAPAYA with a deep love for freedom, creative expression and female empowerment.  

        “This business was founded with deliberate passion and purpose. We believe that success chases passion, not the other way around," says Gina. "We have followed an authentic business model that uplifts and inspires others with our products while also uplifting and supporting us as creatives.”

        PAPAYA is currently based in Southern Oregon.  

        Everything we make is for the joy of creating and the thrill of sharing. Our credo of Creative Abandon means we believe in a no apologies policy of answering to our artistic impulses.